Our Wecock Community is a group of people from Beacon Church Havant who live on the Wecock Farm estate, on the edge of Waterlooville. They are actively involved in supporting the needs of the community, particularly through the work of the Acorn Community Centre at the heart of the estate.


In normal times, we meet at the Acorn Community Centre every Tuesday of school term from 5 to 7pm. Why the name ‘Journeys‘? Because life is a journey not only a destination.

 PLEASE NOTE: At the present time Journeys is not able to happen due to Covid-19.

Journeys is an amazing place where you will be accepted and valued – a place to just be yourself, warts and all, and not be judged. We are not neat and well rehearsed but we are real and embrace life with all its mess. There are usually about 30 to 40 of us – we eat dinner together sitting round tables and sharing life. We do the cooking and washing up together just like family!

There is space to get to know each other, and then we have the most amazing opportunity to discover a little more about what it means to have faith as a Christian and how it shapes our lives. Everyone is welcome, whether you are needing friendship or wondering what Christianity and church is all about, or maybe you are a Christian and want to be with others who understand.

You do not need to be a Christian to join us but be aware that we will talk about our faith. There is no pressure to believe what we believe – we accept you where you are and ask that you do the same.
We are all ages from 1 year to…..well maybe we shouldn’t say!

If you would like to chat before you visit please give Ann Waters a call on 07758 518871.

  • Those under 11 years old and not yet in senior school must come with an adult and they can join the children’s group run in a separate room. All adults working with children are police checked and we have a thorough policy in place to keep this a safe and healthy environment for all children.
  • Young people between 11 and 16 will need to have a consent form completed by their parents to come regularly to Journeys.

Journeys is an event run by Beacon Church Havant, not the Acorn Community Centre.

Beacon Housing

Beacon Housing is a project to provide supported housing to help men at risk of becoming homeless on the estate.  More details available here.