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Three Tables

January 15, 2023
An open meeting: Simon shares about three tables that are laid for communion, cleansing our hands and giving our lives. Others then share from this.
Ann shares that God wants 2023 to be a year where we learn more how to 'do life well'. At the start Emma Bunday shares a vision she had for…
Jonathan looks at what Fruitfulness looks like for a Christian: both in gifting and in character.

See It, Be It

November 20, 2022
Chris encourages the church that it is time for us all to 'step up higher', and to BE the answer to the things we SEE need to happen in our…
Simon reminds us that "we don't have to" do many things in our Christian lives but "it really helps" if we do! Slides are attached to download.
Sue shares from her own testimony on how to let God's truth about you replace the lies the enemy has planted in our lives. Includes an excerpt from Stephen Furtick's…

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