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Paul shares on the need to live in God's order to fully experience His Freedom. Slides are attached.

Psalm 27

November 28, 2021
Emma leads us through Psalm 27 written by King David in a time of conflict. Slides are available to download.

The Mystery Box

November 21, 2021
Mark Churchward from Southend Christian Fellowship shares about how we need to leave the things we don't understand with God in 'the mystery box'.
Simon revisits the call on our church to be a battleship rather than a cruiseship.  Slides available for download.
Sylvia shares on how we can make a divine exchange of hope for disappointment.  After her message the song 'Take Courage' from Bethel Music was played - go to

Word and Spirit

October 24, 2021
This is a re-recording of Chris' message on living by the 'Word and the Spirit'.

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