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Aaron explains who the Holy Spirit is and how he lives in us and helps us as Christians. The first minutes of this message are missing when Aaron shared these…
Jonathan shares from James 1 about how we can resist the temptations that come to us and the deception that God is not good.

Faith and Deeds

February 26, 2023
Ian shares from James 2:14-26 about how deeds follow true faith and looks at the example of Rahab (v25) and the 'heroes of faith' in Hebrews 11.
Sue shares from James 1:2-4 and her own experience, of exchanging our troubles for God's joy. The song played near the end is omitted but can be heard on YouTube…
Anita, from Southend Christian Fellowship, takes us on 'a bear hunt' to face the obstacles in our lives and pull down the strongholds in our minds (2Cor 10:4,5). The song…
Chris takes us through James 1 vv19-27 focussed on Listening and Doing what God says.

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