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James 5:13-20

November 26, 2023
Chris concludes our series on the letter of James looking particularly at issues of praying in faith and healing.  A graphic image map of the whole book is attached to…
Simon encourages us to find God's compassion for the things that have negatively affected us in our lives and God's mercy for the things we have done wrong or not…

James 5:1-12

November 5, 2023
Jonathan continues our series on James looking at chapter 5. (Slides attached)
Sylvia encourages us to only listen to who God says we are.
Mark Churchward, from Southend Christian Fellowship, teaches us on God's intention for us to reign in every area of our life as Christians. Slides are attached to download.
Aaron encourages us that we all have a calling in His church and we need to pursue what we enjoy and are passionate about.
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